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Facebook kaydol

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Pera Palace Hotel

There are certain places that have a vested interest in remaining the same, disdaining unnecessary change in order to preserve the romantic nature of their past. Pera Palas Hotel in Galata district of Istanbul is such a place. Its lobbies and halls cluttered with 19th century furniture, Pera Palas has the wonderful decaying atmosphere one would expect from an Agatha Christie mystery. Christie was in fact one of the hotel's most ardent visitors (the "Agatha Christie Room", number 411, is now preserved in her honor) and it is rumored that she wrote Murder on the Orient Express here. This seems likely since the hotel was originally founded in 1892 for the specific purpose of hosting passengers arriving on the Orient Express train and no doubt served as inspiration to the Queen of Mysteries.

interior of Pera Palas HotelAnother room, number 101, is notable too as it housed Kemal Atatürk, the "Father of Turkey" while he prepared for the Turkish War of Independence. "Atatürk's Suite" is a veritable museum, displaying many of his personal effects as well as objects of interest like ebony chairs, exotic oriental carpets and a rare black silk prayer rug, all gifts from foreign heads-of-state to the revered Turkish leader.

Pera Palas' Orient Bar and charming dining rooms are considered some of the most atmospheric in Turkey. One can well imagine the spies Mata Hari and Kim Philby lounging seductively on a comfy sofa in the bar or Ernest Hemingway outlining his next novel in the dining room over Chicken Döner and Bloody Mary's with his lady of the moment. Many historically notable people have joined the ranks of these three as guests at the Pera Palas. The facts, we do have no doubt, only hint at the myriad of intrigues that occurred over the last century at this still-popular, fascinating hotel. If walls could speak...

Pera Palace Hotel was closed for restorations from the end of 2006 until September 2010, and it's completely rennovated now including a spa and fitness center, as well as meeting rooms.

The hotel is very close to Taksim Square and Foreign Consulates such as British, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, French, German, etc. There are also other special category and fine hotels in the neighborhood.

The Golden Horn

The Golden Horn

The Golden HornThe Golden Horn, a horn-shaped estuary, divides European side of Istanbul. One of the best natural harbors in the world, the Byzantine and Ottoman navies and commercial shipping interests were centered here. Today, lovely parks and promenades line the shores. In the setting sun, the water shines a golden color, from which its name comes from.

Golden Horn was an old trading point and popular shoreline residential area during the Byzantine period. It was largely inhabited by Jewish immigrants from Spain during the Ottoman period. The mixtures of Armenians, Greeks, Gypsies and Turks living along its shores reflected the city's colorful mosaic. Since 1880 the famed Cibali cigarette factory has been operating there, which today is renovated to house a private university.

During the Ottoman period, in the first half of 18th century, Golden Horn was very rich of tulip gardens and green parks where upscale people used to come to relax, and row with their boats at the romantic sunset.

With the neglect borne of a population explosion in the 1950's and ineffective zoning laws, the once pristine Golden Horn became a churning cesspool of grey city-sewage and industrial waste. Only in the 1980's did a much needed urban clean-up begin. Polluting factories were cleared and proper sewage needs met. Now, its shores are green once again, lovely parks, promenades, and playgrounds greet visitors. The water glistens golden in the sun again, perhaps not as brightly as before, but one step nearer to what the poets once described as "Sadabad", or "place of bliss".

At Fener, a neighborhood midway up the Golden Horn, whole streets of old wooden houses and churches date from Byzantine times. The Orthodox Patriarchy resides here as well.

Eyüp district, a little further up, reflects the Ottoman style of vernacular architecture. Cemeteries sprinkled with dark cypress trees cover the hillsides. It is always busy here with pilgrims coming to the tomb of Eyub El Ensari in the hope that their prayers will be granted. The Pierre Loti Cafe on top of the hill overlooking the shrine is a wonderful place to enjoy the tranquility of the view having a traditional Turkish coffee or tea. Today, there is a cablecar from the park to the top of the hill so getting up to the cafeteria is very easy.

There was no bridge over the Golden Horn before the 19th century. Small boats provided transportation between the two shores. The first Galata Bridge, which connects present day Karaköy to Eminonü, was built in 1836, rebuilt in 1845, again in 1912, and lastly in 1993. The Unkapani (Atatürk) Bridge further up the Golden Horn handles the flow of traffic between Beyoglu and Saraçhane. The third one over the Horn is called the Haliç Bridge.

Online Casinos

Online Casinos To Play Slot Machines

Online slot machines work differently than those of which is found in land based casinos. Obviously enough, online slot machines digitally work through computers and software which uses random number generation in their online slots to play for one. In the same manner, these online slot machines use complex algorithms to create slot odds. The way that slot machines work is pretty much the same thing as the ones which are land-based work. Perhaps the only difference lies in the fact that with an online slot machine, one is able to have the opportunity to play at the comfort of his own home.

If ever you choose an online slot games to play for, here is how it works. Online slot machines which possess three reels tend to generate three numbers using a random number generator when you press the spin button. In the same manner, the software is able to record these numbers. These numbers are used to determine the position of their corresponding reel.

The fact that the player relies mainly on chance in order to win makes the popularity of slot machines to work, even in the world of online business. Imagine yourself having the same exhilarating thrill of playing in a land based slot machine. Playing in an online slot machine is pretty much functioning in the same level as with playing in a land based one.

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Top Online Casinos

The next best thing is that you do not have to get a ready money in order to participate in such top online online games. Some of the sites only ask for your personal information, but that is just about it. Most of the companies involve getting some pertinent information in their credit cards so they would be able to play in online casinos.

By just simply participating in an online casinos to play, you are able to save time, money and effort simply because by just staying in your home, turning on your computer and logging in their sites. With this thing in mind, it is probably well enough for you to choose online casinos against that of which is land based. Both can give you the same satisfaction, therefore, it would not make a difference after all. Just remember one thing, though. Participating in such things is still a form of gambling, so you have to be aware of the money that you spend.

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